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Laser Vision Correction in Carson City and Minden, Nevada

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is a form of laser eye surgery used to improve vision and to reduce dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Here at Center for Advanced Eye Care, we use the very latest technology in the Alcon Wavelight, the fastest laser in existence. It takes a fraction of the time to complete the surgery compared with older technologies. This method, known as wavefront-guided PRK or advanced surface ablation, improves accuracy while maintaining the natural shape of the cornea. It provides the patient with the very best optical outcome.

Benefits of PRK/Advanced Surface Ablation

  • Dr. Vazeen has performed thousands of laser vision correction procedures (both PRK and LASIK). He prefers both the safety and efficacy of advanced surface ablation and thus performs this procedure exclusively on his patients. Some of the advantages of advanced surface ablation include:
  • At least equal, if not slightly better visual outcomes versus LASIK
  • Absence of corneal cutting (flap creation) and weakening the cornea
  • Complications related to the LASIK flap because there is no flap made
  • Less dry eye symptoms induced by the procedure vs. LASIK (due to lack of corneal flap)

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